Ready for the Jan. 2015 Gas Price Hike?

A 16-76 cent per gallon gas tax is on its way. Help us tell Governor Brown we are Fed Up at the Pump.

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Enough is Enough – We Are Fed Up At the Pump

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, Californians will pay an additional 16 cents or more per gallon of gas as a result of a state agency-mandated gas fee – a “hidden tax” – that was created by the Brown Administration without consumer input or legislative review.

Help us put a halt to this gas hike before it starts. Let’s tell Governor Brown to “BACK OFF!”


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California Climate Change Policies to Hit Pocketbooks San Francisco Gate,

According to a poll released today, 76 percent of Californians back the idea of forcing fuel producers to cut emissions. Support plunges to 39 percent, however, if the move would lead to higher gas prices.

The drop is most notable among lower-income Californians, for whom gasoline bills eat up a big chunk of the monthly budget. Among respondents making less than $40,000, 77 percent support cutting fuel emissions. That number falls to 32 percent if lowering emissions forces them to pay more.
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