Ready for the Jan. 2015 Gas Price Hike?

A 16-76 cent per gallon gas tax is on its way. Help us tell Governor Brown we are Fed Up at the Pump.

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Enough is Enough – We Are Fed Up At the Pump

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, Californians will pay an additional 16 cents or more per gallon of gas as a result of a state agency-mandated gas fee – a “hidden tax” – that was created by the Brown Administration without consumer input or legislative review.

Help us put a halt to this gas hike before it starts. Let’s tell Governor Brown to “BACK OFF!”


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Income Equality and the Rising Cost of Gasoline Fox and Hounds,

Governor Brown knows that income inequality is a critical issue facing our state and the nation that urgently needs to be addressed. That’s why it is critical for the Governor to seriously consider signing AB 69 (Perea), which will delay the vehicle fuel tax increase set to occur in January as a result of cap and trade. As Californians, we understand the importance of policies that will have positive environmental impacts down the road; but we respectfully ask Governor Brown to consider the immediate economic harm a 16-cent or more per gallon gas tax could inflict on California families right now. read more »